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The HDMIRG6 HDMI over coax extender will send HDMI (up to 1080p@60Hz signal) with Deep Colour support over a single RG-6/U coaxial cable to a distance of up to 120 metres with absolutely no loss in quality.


  • Distribute HD signals in 720p/1080i/1080p using a single 75 Ohm RG6U coaxial cable
  • NEW! Built-in IR Extender functionality
    Control your source device using its original remote.
  • HDMI with HDCP Compliance
  • 1080p resolution up to 120m/400ft
    • 1080i resolution up to 150m/500ft
  • Deep Colour Mode
  • Digital Audio: 5.1ch/ 7.1ch surround sound/ Dolby Digital/ DTS-HD
  • Loop Out on Receiver
    Create a transmitter/ receiver cascade to extend distance and build up a HDMI splitter system
  • Zero video quality loss
  • Easy installation
  • High quality metal chassis
  • No need to adjust gain and equalizer settings


Transmitter Receiver
HDMI Compliance HDMI / HDCP 1.2 / DVI 1.1
Video Bandwidth 6.75Gbps
Video Resolution 720p / 1080i / 1080p
Audio Format 5.1ch/ 7.1ch surround sound/ Dolby Digital/ DTS-HD
Transfer Distance 1080p – 120m (400 ft)
1080i – 150m (500 ft)
Input Connector 1x HDMI-A/Female
1x DC Power
1x BNC Jack
1x DC Power Jack
1x IR Extender (Target)
Output Connector 1x BNC Jack
2x IR Emitter
1x HDMI-A/Female
1x BNC Jack
Chassis Dimension 92.3 (W) x 28 (H) x 98.5 (D) mm
Weight 0.3kg
Power Consumption 5 Watts Max.

{tab=In the Box}

  • 1x Receiver
  • 1x Transmitter
  • 1x IR Emitter
  • 1x IR Extender (IR Receiver / Target)
  • 2x power supply (5V 1A)
  • 1x User manual

{tab=Connection Diagrams}

One-to-One System
Connection diagram: One-to-One

One-to-Many System
Connection diagram: One-to-Many


Can you combine the HDMI source with the TV signal or other modulated signals?
No. The bandwidth does not permit this.

Can you split the signal?
Yes. You can split or loop the signal. It launches at approximately 80dB, so splitting the signal to numerous sources is not an issue.

Can you run the signal through Doss splitters?
Yes. We’ve tested the signal through Doss free to air splitters (FSP2F) and satellite splitters (SP2F). It works perfectly.

How many times can you loop one 1080P source?
We have had it tested from one PS3 1080P video source to a total of 40 TV displays. It could probably do more, but they got bored by then…

What if you need to run further than 120m at 1080P?
Using fibre optic cable is probably the only solution beyond the HDMIRG6. Costs and complexity increase.



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