LC1550 – 15METRES – M/M VGA + DIN13 LEAD

LC1550 – 15METRES – M/M VGA + DIN13 LEAD
Code: 27721550

This VGA lead is designed to pass through the wall in a easy way as you only need to drill a Din plug size hole on your wall instead of big VGA plug size hole. This special VGA lead consists of two parts, you can easily attach them together to make up one complete VGA lead.


  • 3 Coax + 9 wiring configuration VGA cable are known the best quality in the industry
  • Ferrite Filters at the end minimises interference
  • AWG28, OD=8.5mm
  • Black colour with PVR jacket
  • HD15 plug to HD15 plug
  • Ferrite: 17.5*28.5*9.5mm
  • HD15 plug to Din13 plug and 0.2m from Din13 socket to HD15 plug
  • DIN13 Plug (pull-through diameter): Ø18.5mm
  • Length: 15m

Available in 2m (LC1500), 3m (LC1510), 5m (LC1530), 10 (LC1540), and 15m (LC1550) lengths.