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Hide your AV equipment in a cupboard or rack without losing the ability to control them with their IR remote controls.

Installing the Compact IR Repeater kit is quick and simple, and expandable offering extra output ports for more emitters/equipment!

The supplied IR receiver is small and discrete, and can be easily mounted on the bezel of your TV without being noticed!

Measuring in at only 17mm deep, the powered Repeater box can be hidden behind your entertainment unit or TV to avoid tangles inside your cabinet.


  • Four amplified emitter output connections
  • convenient IR confirmation LED
  • Power indication LED
  • Compact size for mounting near audio equipment
  • IR receiver and emitters supplied

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  • 1x Compact IR Repeater Box
  • 1x IR Receiver (3.5mm Stereo plug)
  • 2x Dual IR Emitters (3.5mm Mono plug)
  • 1x Power Adapter (5VDC / 500mA)
  • 2x Mounting Screws


Repeater Box Receive/Transmit Frequency 38kHz ~ 56kHz
Power 5VDC / 500mA
Dimensions 104x32x17mm
Weight 25g
IR Receiver Range 40ft @ 38kHz
25ft @ 56kHz
Connector 3.5mm stereo plug
  Tip: Signal
Ring: +V
Sleeve: Gnd
Cable Length 3metres
Dimensions 20×9.4x7mm (excl cable)
Weight 21g
IR Emitter Emitters/LEDs 2x (Dual)
IR Wavelength 940nm
Cable Length 3metres
Connector 3.5mm mono plug
Tip: Signal
Sleeve: Gnd


Can I use the PRO1326 with other Pro2 accessories like IR hubs, IR targets and IR wall plates?
The accessories are designed to be compatible with the PRO1187 IR block but not the PRO1326.
Since the Vcc output voltage from IR Receiver socket (on the PRO1326) is 5 volts (not 12 volts like the PRO1183) so you can’t connect the output of the PRO1326 to many of the other Pro2 IR accessories.