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If you have always wanted to distribute audio and video to a second room but have avoided doing so because of the cost and difficulties surrounding running cables, the easy answer has arrived. The 5.8GHz Wireless A/V Sender with I/R Extender transmits clear audio and visual signals over radio frequency, so there are no wires to run.

The first Pro2 4-channel wireless 5.8GHz Audio/Video Sender with built-in IR transmitter provides crystal clear full colour video and stereo audio. Avoid interference from crowded 2.4GHz ISM band applications by using the digital 5.8GHz frequency band (i.e. 802.11 wireless LAN, Bluetooth, cordless phones, microwave oven, etc.).

The wireless receiver contains a built-in IR receiver allowing users to control home electronics from the remote location of the wireless receiver using your existing remotecontrol. Perfect for watching your favorite DVD movie or Satellite/Pay TV on a television located in a remote location in and around your home (i.e. Watch the big sporting event with your friends out on the back deck without having to run wires from your Satellite receiver.)

Enjoy the wireless life!
The number of useful applications for this 5.8GHz audio/video sender kit is almost endless:

  • Watch your DVD movies on a television in another roomor location.
  • Transmit the audio/video output of your satellite receiver to a remote television.
  • Listen to hi-fi stereo in a remote location without having to run speaker wires from your hi-fi stereo system toyour powered speakers.
  • Wirelessly transmit the stereo audio from your computer to the auxiliary input of your hi-fi stereo receiver.
  • Wirelessly transmit video and or audio from any A/V source device (i.e. DVD player, camera, etc. ) to your computer monitor (composite video to VGA converter card required for your PC).
  • Make it simple an easy to connect your camcorder to your television without having to mess with cabling behind or around you home entertainment system.
  • Create wireless home surveillance system.


  • Watch Pay-TV or DVD etc. anywhere in the house!
    Simultaneous viewing of video programs on a 2nd TV or monitor without wires – Watch your FOXTEL without having to invest in another set top box!
  • Crystal clear video and hi-fi stereo
    Transmit and receive AV signals even through walls
  • Long transmission
    Huge range up to 400 feet clear line-of-sight
  • Inteference free 5.8GHz
    5.8GHz band transmission won’t have interference from cordless phones or wireless LANs
  • 4 selectable channels
  • IR Extender
    Built-in IR remote extender for remotely controlling existing home electronics from wireless receiver location (i.e. satellite receiver, DVD Player, etc.)

Transmitter and receiver: 152 x 100 x 38mm
120 meters line of sight
Signals Supported:
Outputs Supported:
High S/N video and stereo audio
Operating Frequency:
5725~5825 MHz
RF Output at Connector:
– 4 ~ 0 dBm
Channel Frequency:
Channel 1: 5745 MHz; channel 2: 5765 MHz; channel 3: 5785 MHz; channel 4: 5805 MHz
Frequency Stability:
± 350 KHz
Operating Distance:
5M ~ 100M line of sight
DC Power Input:
10.8 ~ 16 VDC
DC Input Current Consumption:
< 500 mA
Video Input:
NTSC 1Vp-p @ 75 ohms, pre-emphasisNTSC
Audio Input:
2 Vp-p @ 600 ohms, pre-emphasis 75uS
Audio Frequency Response:
30 Hz ~ 12 KHz (3dB BW)
Jack Color:
Video: yellow; audio: white (left), red (right)
Operating Temperature:
32° F to 122° F (0° C to 50° C), indoor use only
Storage Temperature:
-4° F to 158° F (-20° C to 70° C)
RF Input Range:
5725 ~ 5825 MHz
Channel Low Frequency:
Channel 1: 5745 MHz; channel 2: 5765 MHz; channel 3: 5785 MHz; channel 4: 5805 MHz
Frequency Stability:
± 200 KHz
Input Level at Connector:
-25 ~ -80 dBm
Input Impedance:
50 ohms
Image Rejection:
30 dB
IF Frequency:
479.5 MHz
IF Bandwidth:
18 MHz
Tuning Algorithm:
Heterodyne with low side lo PLL frequency synthesizer
Video Devlation Bandwidth:
6.4 MHz p-p
DC Power Input:
12 ~ 16 VDC
Current Consumption:
Video Output:
CCIR 1 V p-p @ 75 ohms, de-emphasis CCIR
Audio Output (L&R):
1.45 V p-p @ 600 ohms, 75 us de-emphasis
RF Output:
VTTS Noise Level:
< -60 dBm (75 ohm 1 Vpp@ 5 meters)
Audio S/N:
30 dB (600 ohm 2 Vpp@ 5 meters)
Jack Color:
Video: yellow; audio: white (left), red (right)
Operating Temperature:
0° C to 50° C, 85% RH indoor use only
Storage Temperature:
-20° C to 70° C 90% RH


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