MWI13DVI Modular Wall Plate DVI Insert

MWI13DVI Modular Wall Plate DVI Insert
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Mix and Match

Build your own Custom Wall Plates
with Pro.2’s MWI13 Range

At Pro2, we understand that each job is different and each setup is unique. So that’s why we created the MWI13 modular wall plate range. With our modular design, you can simply mix and match up to 3 modules to suit your needs. They snap on tightly and securely giving a perfect finish each time.

Grab a Pro2 MW13FR blank frame and choose up to 3 module inserts to make the exact wall plate you need! Empty single-keystone inserts are also available supporting nearly infinite possibilities!

  • DVI socket to DVI socket
  • Black insulator
  • Golden plated connectors
  • Black PVC jacket
  • White ABS plate panel
  • 2×11.88mm nuts
  • 200mm UL20276 type lead
  • Lead diametre: 9.5mm
  • Panel Dimension: 47 (L EX. inserts) *24 (W)* 11(H) mm


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Modular Wall Plate Range (Sell sheet)

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