CAT6A Patch Cable

CAT6A Patch Cable


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  • Specification: CAT6A


CAT6a cables feature improved specifications that allow it to perform up to 10x better than standard CAT6 cabling. Designed to operate at 500MHz (as opposed to CAT6 which operates at 250MHz), losses are decreased such that 10Gbps speeds are possible.

CAT6 test

Pro2 CAT6a cables pass the Fluke Linkware Cable Test Management performance tests

View the Pro2 CAT6a cable test result
(PDF file239kb)


  • Rated up to 10 Gigabits.
  • Twice the bandwidth of CAT6 cables.
  • Better at resisting alien crosstalk.
  • Complying Standards (view report here):
    • AS/ACIFS008:2006
    • ISO/IEC 11801
    • TIA/EIA 568C.2


Physical Characteristics

Material Bare Copper
Size 24AWG
Construction 7/0.20±0.015mm
Material HD-PE
Thickness Minimum at any point: 0.18mm
Maximum average: 0.20mm
Diameter: 0.96±0.03mm
Material PVC
Thickness Minimum at any point: 0.50mm
Maximum average: 0.58mm
Diameter: 5.8±0.03mm


Other Available Lengths

Model Length Avail. Colours
LC6500 0.5m
LC6502 1m
LC6504 2m
LC6506 3m
LC6508 5m
LC6512 10m
LC6514 15m
LC6516 20m



Fluke LinkWare Performance Test Results

Pro.2 CAT6/6A Leads Compliance Report

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